“Bing-it”…Google’s Just a Cartoon to Me

Fifteen years ago I was working on a new website with our company’s contracted web master.

He’d send us monthly reports of the “hits” our site was receiving from the various search engines.

The name we recognized most was Yahoo.

The name my boss and I had never heard of, which seemed completely irrelevant, was Google.

“We don’t care about Google” we told our web master…”Get us ranked higher on Yahoo.”

Little did we know that Google was about to go on a 15 year romp–practically wiping out search engines like Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves…etc.

As a child, in the 60’s, I remember my mom telling me about a cartoon character named Barney Google.

He was a little man who thought he was someone special, while the rest of the world looked at him as rather pathetic.

Fast forward to Easter 2013, the almighty Google web site, famous for their “doodles” on their home page, honoring people in history, decided to depict a revolutionary figure.

We all know that Jesus and His Resurrection would have been the most likely revolutionary candidate for that doodle on Easter morning right?


Not for the folks at Google.

They made a conscious and deliberate decision to honor someone else.

If I tell you who it was, one of my liberal Facebook friends may call my comments racist.

So I need not mention it, as it’s completely irrelevant to my point today.

Just like Jesus and 2 Billion Christians were irrelevant to Google on Easter.

Guess what…the feeling is mutual.

Since that day, I’ve deleted all of my Google desktop icons, and have not “Googled” anything…not one thing.

I “Bing” what I want to search for now.

FYI, the folks at Bing had a lovely colorful photo of painted Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday.

That felt right to me.

And now, when I hear the word Google, all I think of is a pathetic little man who believes himself to be far greater than he really is.

As for my liberal FB friend, he was kind enough to apologize to this Christian.

I know of no apology to the Christian world from Google…maybe I should double check…I think I’ll “Bing it.”

That feels right to me.



Barney Google


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