Iron Lady Review–Hollywood Succeeds by Failing

With the passing of the great Margaret Thatcher I felt the need to encourage readers to see the movie Iron Lady, in her honor….Today, I’ll be re-posting a blog that reviewed the film. Some people are worth doubling down on….like Margaret…May God bring the world another conservative leader with even half the dignity that this woman possessed.

Jim Massery, Conservative, Christian, Citizen

I have no idea what Meryl Streeps’ politics are.

What I do know is that no other actress could’ve played Margaret Thatcher as well as she did in the movie Iron Lady; not now; not ever.

Natalie and I had the opportunity to rent it this week, and, since I remember just about every political drama during the 70’s, it was refreshing to see Mrs. Thatcher again, almost in the flesh, thanks to Meryl.

If one needed material for a conservative blog, he could go back to that movie 100 days in a row and find something to write about.

If you’re a woman, but not sure what a real conservative female leader is all about, please, if you rent nothing else, see Iron Lady.

She is the Conservative party ideal.

Mrs. Thatcher was a fearless woman who had no sympathy for those who felt big government could solve every problem.

Also, because…

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