When Your Daughter Doesn’t Come Home

Many of you familiar with the volunteer work our daughter Marisa does in Haiti are probably also aware that she just returned home on Sunday.

It’s so good to see her back in her own room and to hear her singing in the house.

My wife and I prayed for her without ceasing when she was off in the third world, wondering what type of security she was being provided.

We were blessed to welcome her back and embrace the joy in her eyes once again.

Another family, from Illinois, with a daughter the same age, were not so blessed yesterday, as they learned of the death of Anne Smedinghoff, a U.S. Foreign Services diplomat.

Anne had a heart to help the children of Afghanistan.

When it comes to education for youngsters, all of us need to put politics aside and do what we can to wipe out illiteracy.

Pray for the spirit of Anne’s vision to continue for a better Afghanistan.

Pray even harder for her parents, who I’m sure are missing the song in her heart.



One Response to “When Your Daughter Doesn’t Come Home”

  1. Susan Says:

    Yes, James, that was terribly tragic. Her parents must be devastated and filled with sorrow. I ,too, am so grateful, Marisa is home, safe and sound.

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