Move Over Rudy, Walk-on Henderson Sparks Louisville

For those who’ve never seen the movie Rudy…all I can say is; “What are you waiting for?”

Almost 20 years ago I organized a few bus trips to Fenway Park from our church.

The bus company said we could show tapes on their state-of-the-art VHS systems.

You remember those, you’ve got at least two collecting dust in your attic, not to mention a giant box of tapes.

The best ride to Boston ever was the one where we showed the movie Rudy, about the Notre Dame University walk-on (no scholarship) who probably shouldn’t have played at all, except he had a heart the size of a football.

Last night, another screenplay was set in motion by Louisville Cardinal walk-on Tim Henderson.

The player, who had written several letters to Basketball Head Coach Rick Pitino, begging for a chance just to try out, buried two 3-point jumpers in a row, igniting a successful comeback that put Louisville in the NCAA finals.

Hats off to Tim, not just for swishing those shots, he’s done that thousands of times in practice, and was simply doing what hoop players do, but for his willingness to give all he had to make the team.

That’s what made the movie Rudy so great…the struggles leading up to his appearance in a game.

I can’t believe you haven’t seen it.

Most of us know about the 12 Apostles and their leader Jesus; what some forget is the first Christian martyr was a walk-on of sorts, named Stephen, who was actually just a Deacon, assigned to waiting on tables and serving food at the assemblies.

His brave speech, in front of the jealous Sanhedrin, earned Stephen a stoning to death, but not before He saw Jesus standing up and saluting at the right hand of God, with the rest of the heavenly cheering section.

Now there’s another screenplay worth writing.

What are you begging God to let you accomplish?

Dust off those dreams, they’re not as out dated as you think.


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