All The President’s Women

A couple strange things happened in the past few days regarding the first couple.

Mrs. Obama said in an interview that she was a “single mom.”

We can relate, most conservatives feel like we have no President.

Regarding what I really think about our leader, I don’t like to use the word liar.

My father forbade it.

But please–answer me this one question.

Why is it that whenever President Obama stretches the truth, about the growth of the economy, or the situation in Ben Ghazi, or the benefits of Obamacare, the media says nothing?

But finally, he says something truthful…you know, regarding the loveliness of Attorney General Kamala Harris of California, and they jump down his throat with all fours.

It’s been quite a while since this President did something most men in America would agree with.

But–God forbid–any of us act like men.

We’re supposed to be more sensitive.

Maybe liberals just hate the idea that other female attorneys general might get their feelings hurt, since Obama said of Kamala, “She was the best looking AG in the country.”

One would have a hard time arguing against that point.

But remember, America has become a place where feelings trump the law.

In truth, the President did nothing illegal, except speak his mind.

Though he apologized to Ms. Harris within 24 hours, the question remains–“Why?”…he simply threw her accolades.

The one to whom he should be apologizing is the “single mom” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In this case, the top lawyer in California seems to be stirring the baser feelings of our Commando in Chief.

Thank you Mr. President, at the very least you introduced the rest of us barbarians to someone quite nice, super intelligent and yes, highly favored by God.

Bishop Fulton Sheen once said of beautiful women he admired, “Just because I’m looking at the menu, doesn’t mean I’m placing an order.”


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