“Tooth Fairy–Easter Bunny–Global Warning”

In case you haven’t heard, a college professor at Florida Atlantic University recently made news for asking students to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper–then stomp on it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, only one student refused to obey the assignment.

Kudos to Ryan Rotella for his indignation and courage.

In a nutshell, Ryan was punished by the college–then reinstated–after getting support from the governor of Florida–then the professor was punished.

Poor Prof Deandre Poole, an Einstein-like instructor who also happens to be a Palm Beach County Democrat Official; but we all know a Democrat Official would never do anything Godless (for those of you from Hooterville–that’s sarcasm).

In a similar but opposite way–four years ago–members of the Taconic High School Conservative Club in my town of Pittsfield, posted a sign in their school lobby that read:

Tooth Fairy–Easter Bunny–Global Warming

Taconic Conservative Club Debate

It worked.

Their after school meeting was jam-packed with kids, mainly because little ecology disciples were offended by the assertion.

Though it’s good these young “righties” pulled off a coup of sorts, to fill the debate, it’s terribly sad that when God is blasphemed, compared to liberal theory, the percentage of those willing to clear the temple is far less on our side.

We can and we must do better–by having the faith of a child and the indignation of Christ with the money changers.

PS…The President of that club was a young Massery…but I’m not proud (ahem…sarcasm again Hooterville).


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