Easter Polling Data

I had to laugh when I read the following headline.


I’d be curious to know how 13% of the believers in this country simply vanished in a year.

Is there a possibility that the Rasmussen polling has a slight margin of error?

There are two things we as Christians can do about this; even if that headline is just partially true.

Say a prayer to St. Thomas the doubter. (Catholics that is)

Remember him?

He said to the other 10 Apostles, (remember Judas was dead, that’s why there weren’t 12) that he’d only believe in the resurrection of Jesus if he could see the marks in His hands and feet.

His wish came true, as Jesus soon appeared to him saying;

Thomas, why do you doubt?  Put your hand in the holes in my hands and feet and in the scar in my side.  Blessed are you for seeing and believing, but more blessed are those who cannot see, yet will still believe.

Here’s fantastic news folks…Jesus is talking about us.

Mr. Rasmussen, I have a question for you.

Who paid you to conduct that poll?

I’d bet it wasn’t the Catholic Church.

For those who might like to pick up an excellent book on the resurrection, I recommend Evidence that Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell.

What you’ll learn as you read it, is that there’s more historical evidence for the person of Jesus than there is of any other man or woman in antiquity; that includes Plato, Socrates or Julius Caesar.

I especially like one chapter entitled: If Jesus Wasn’t God He Deserves an Oscar.

There’s a saying in the coporate world, “when business is good–advertise, and when business is bad–advertise.”

Any advertising Satan does, like the headline above, should motivate us to work harder.

I challenge any doubting Thomas out there to speak to Christ directly, though He may be invisible, and ask Him for proof that He’s alive and well.

Your soul is just as important to Him as was the soul of Thomas.

Let me know what He said to you.

I’m taking a poll.


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