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Video of a Liberal Hero

April 30, 2013

After watching this video, I could not contain my emotions.

Please understand, this is happening all across America, thousands of times a day.

If you believe our country is heading in the wrong direction, this proves it.

Pray for Liberals you Conservatives; they know not what they do.


Governor Patrick’s Presidential Death Wish

April 29, 2013

This could make the Mike Dukakis helmet in the tank image seem like a Patton impersonation.

It seems our latest Massachusetts Governor has decided that Terrorist Punk 1 needs to have his welfare records protected.

I’ve one thing to say Mr. Governor…have you ever heard the expression “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?”

The video below is going viral as we speak.

That means your chance of winning the Democratic nomination in 2016 are being severely damaged by your own actions.

Deval–please stop protecting the Devil.

And as for Judge Jeanine Pirro…now I know why I’m such a sucker for smart women…this is very invigorating.

The Bishop in the Kitchen

April 28, 2013

If you know Berkshire County, there’s an iconic place we all love and take far too much for granted.

It’s the ITAM Lodge, overlooking glorious Pontoosuc Lake and Mount Greylock to the north.

Natalie and I were married at St. Mark’s and had our reception there, as did thousands of others through the years.

What makes it underrated, is they’ve always kept their pricing reasonable, in spite of the fact they offer the best views/location over any competitors around.

The main reason they’re affordable is that it’s a non-profit, run solely by the good Italian-Americans in our community.

Last night we capped off 100 years of faith at St. Mark’s Church, my home, on West St. in Pittsfield.

Much like the ITAM, St. Mark’s, with its inspiring Gothic architecture, rivals any cathedral in Europe, in terms of construction and warmth.

As the evening closed, our Bishop, Timothy McDonnell, a real down to earth soul, joked with the family at our table, then, to the shock of many Priests escorting him out, made a bee-line to the kitchen.

I couldn’t hear what he said, but I know his intent.

Like the waiters at the wedding feast of Cana, who filled the six stone jugs for purification with water, before Jesus turned them into wine…Bishop Tim sought out servants to remind them they too are worthy of witnessing God’s miraculous love.

I’m quite certain, in a clever way, the Bishop said something that made them feel they were on the inside with God’s man, just as the servants in Cana knew where the wine came from, while the rest of the guests were in the dark.

Lord, thank you for centuries of Truth, and for pouring yourself out like wine as a servant.

May we always remember to give thanks for the countless blessings in our lives.


The Random “Friend Request” on FB

April 27, 2013

O.K. folks–men especially–let me explain something about this new world we live in.

It’s easier than ever to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Those of us on Facebook have all received “friend requests” from smoking hot women.

Here’s what we call a clue.

If you go to their profile and see her current list of “friends” is less than 12, all guys, mostly with African names, something’s up.

Sadly, the real lovely young lady is a victim too.

Her images were easily accessed through her own page, then copied, and a new person, with a fake name and profile is created.

That new character then sends out thousands of “friend requests,” hoping gullible dopes like you or me fall into his/her trap, revealing enough information so our identity can be stolen, and credit cards created, with our names on them.

In many ways, that’s how sin works on our souls.

It pretends to be something it’s not, promising a good time, then leaves us with a burden of debt.

It looks beautiful at first glance, and because it appeals to our ego, we’re especially vulnerable–yet–when we let it into our lives, the purpose of that sin, inspired by our Enemy Satan himself, was to take us hostage.

Shame and guilt are painful, so is the loss of dignity, and those close, also damaged by our escapades, add to the misery.

Here’s a short list of things we can do if we’ve been sucked in by temptation.

1. Apologize…to God first–then to those we’ve offended.

2. Begin a more regular life of prayer–asking God for increased wisdom.

It always starts with us and ends with God–or the Enemy.

Whose “request” are you going to answer?

PS…Just for fun, message the “young lady” and ask him how the weather is in Lagos.

Who, or What, is the Great Whore of Revelations?

April 26, 2013

I have a theory.

But before I go there I might need to park a few armored vehicles around my house.

It’s no longer acceptable in liberal places like Massachusetts to speak the Truth, without risking one’s life, limb, and property.

I think I’ll take my inspiration from the Archbishop of Belgium, Andre-Joseph Leonard.

This short blog can’t do his story justice; please take the time to read the article linked above.

Bottom line…I believe the end-times are near.

For that to be so, the great Whore of the Book of Revelations, Whom God Himself will rebuff, must be on the horizon.

My dear folks…she’s not just on the horizon, she’s being codified in state after state, and country after country.

And, what other sin could be so opposed to God, it would humiliate an Archbishop like the good and patient Andre-Joseph Leonard?

If you’re upset with me please know you are greatly loved and Jesus is the only Man who can fill your empty heart and right all wrongs.

Please turn back to Him before wrath is loosed on those who idolize Hate.

In Love He died for our every sin..miraculously, our every thought was on His mind on that Cross.

And by the way, Love isn’t a choice…it’s an obligation.

He’s “Self-Radicalized” That Makes it Better

April 25, 2013

I’m pretty sure an Obama misstep doesn’t go by without he, or someone in the West Wing, inventing a new term.

The latest is that terrorist punks 1 and 2 are “self-radicalized.”

I refuse to mention their names, especially since our liberal press can’t go 3 seconds without, piling on with their unceasing photos–looking quite normal.

In case you don’t know what the intent of that term is, allow me to try and explain.

Apparently the war on terror is over…thanks to Obama of Nazareth…our divine Savior…(I’m being facetious).

He wants America to believe that the world loves us because of his policies…(I almost capitalized “his”).

Without any time having passed at all, the feds have declared they are 100% sure there’s no connection to any foreign groups.

When the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya happened the President told us that the investigation would take a great deal of time, but that he personally would be leading it.

It’s been months now and we still have no explanation from the boss.

Yet, because this tragedy needs to be swept under the rug quickly, we’re supposed to believe that terrorist punk 1’s visit to Russia for six months in 2012 was to reconnect with his old Russian chess club buddies.

Here’s the bottom line Mr. President…we’re all in this together.

We conservatives didn’t buy into the media hype that blamed George W. Bush for every case of dandruff, nor do we buy into their pendulum opposite that you’re wiser than Solomon.

We just want to get to the bottom of this.

And before you rest on your laurels, pushing the idiotic idea that because there are no emails found between punk terrorist 1 and Al Qaeda, there’s a new way to communicate now that leaves no imprint…it’s called Skype.

In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a great way for a bomb maker in Chechnya to teach a grateful young welfare recipient in Watertown how to make friends and influence people.

Big Papi and the Bigger Stick

April 24, 2013

For Red Sox fans, you know slugger Big Papi David Ortiz used a vulgar word,as he defended the Boston against the Marathon Bombers, speaking to the crowd before a game the day after the capture.

Neither the FCC or Major League Baseball is going to sanction him for his remark.

But, no matter who we are, when we break rules, there’s always someone with a bigger stick that could come along and straighten us out.

Though you don’t see it so often, there was a time when nuns were regulars in attendance at Fenway.

I wonder if Papi would’ve gotten away with his cursing if they were there?

My guess–he’d have gladly paid the FCC and Major League Baseball their fines to escape the ruler, shame and bruised knuckles, the good sisters would surely have doled out.

I realize big Papi’s heart was in the right place, but there’s a bigger message here…just because we get away with something on earth it doesn’t mean we’re free and clear with God.

nuns at baseball game (2)

New England Patriots Save Boston

April 23, 2013

For those who aren’t sure how things work in the law enforcement community, you may want to call the Head Quarters of the Mass State Police, or Boston PD, to hear it straight from them.

Without any official request for backup, the pursuit of the Boston Marathon bombers was not much different from the call to arms by Paul Revere and the dozens of riders who announced through the night “the British are coming.”

Dozens of agencies, from as far away as Pittsfield to the West, Concord, New Hampshire to the North and Cape Cod to the South, were all there with their SWAT Teams and heavy equipment.

A Boston cop sent me the captioned photo below.

I made the mistake of calling his house on Friday, while the punk terrorist was still at large.

His wife pointed a musket at me through the receiver and said;

He just went to bed and he’s been workin’ 30 ‘owahs’ straight.


Bottom line; it’s true the Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics all had games cancelled by an imminent threat…but when it came time to make things right…an all volunteer army of New England Patriots, working three shifts at a time, kicked butt and took names.

Game over.

Celtics Bruins Red Sox

Atheist Bill Maher in Fox-Hole

April 22, 2013

Just when you thought the tide of sentiment was getting ready to wash back out to sea, (I’m referring to cool-aid drunk liberals and their rush to blame American bigotry for the Boston Marathon bombings) one of their leaders, Bill Maher, lights up the Internet.

Is it because he attacked us red-necked toothless Phi-Beta-Kappa rejects?

Not at all.

A guest on his program tried to compare Jews/Christians to Muslims, with regard to our Billy Graham like love of violence.  (I know that makes no sense to most of you, but Mr. Graham has shattered as many hardened hearts in the last 100 years as anyone).

There’s a saying from World War II:

“There are no atheists in fox-holes.”

Maher embraces truth in his argument against his fact confused liberal guest.

Watch this video and see if you don’t agree with our friend in the fox-hole.

There is hope people.

Forget Heroes and Wounded–Let’s Talk About Bigots

April 21, 2013

For the few conservatives out there in Massachusetts and other liberal Meccas, you’re probably wondering when the other shoe is going to drop regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.

If you happen to be a friend of mine on Facebook, you may have seen it land on my ignorant toe last night.

And yes…I yelled ouch.

Here’s the bottom line folks…for most people in the Boston/Watertown/Cambridge area, of this beloved Commonwealth, the scars of war are still very fresh.

If you run into a left-leaning liberal, more concerned about the feelings of the Chechnyan people than he/she is about the facts, don’t let them get away with it.

Little children in Massachusetts have been killed and maimed by radical Muslim extremists, that’s a fact…yet we, the innocent bystanders, who just might have one or two drunken oafs living among us, who would harass a woman in a hijab for no good reason, must be lectured about tolerance and diversity.

O.K, let’s talk a bit about the diversity of the FBI, who, after being warned by the Russian government of older brother and non-citizen Tamerlan’s radical leanings, felt we needed to allow him to stay, to keep our country well diverse with various perspectives.

How’s that for watching out for the constituency?

As much as I’d like to blame Obama for this one, I dare say, he can’t be held directly accountable, as things at this level need to be delegated to the experts.

I’d like to add, if I’m the director of the FBI, and I have interviews with Tamerlan on file over the past few years, I might want to dust off my resume’.

Maybe the D.C. Walmart needs a new security adviser?

And one last thing…if you happen to be an elected official from Massachusetts, you may want to consider spending a wee bit of your time congratulating the company whose rescue vehicles appeared on TV for the last 5 days non-stop.

They were made in Massachusetts, in a sleepy little place called Pittsfield, by about 85 very hard-working blue-collar patriots…but…don’t mention that to your constituents, it might hurt the feelings of those who don’t believe in armored protection for the cops.