Life of Pi Movie Review an Easter Story

If you’ve ever been a Lector (designated reader) in the Catholic Church, you know there are times one must seek the Priest and ask which reading he prefers recited during Mass.

In today’s Easter Sunday lectern for example, regarding the Gospel, there’s the option of telling the Resurrection story from the perspective of Luke, or from that of John; and even the choice of a Resurrected Christ walking with Disciples on the road to Emmaus. (Only the Priest or Deacon read the Gospel)

The end result of Christ rising is the same, but the narratives, as retold by the two different Evangelists, have varying emphasis’.

Last evening we watched the movie Life of Pi.

It’s rare that a movie can hold the solid interests of me, my wife, and our “20 something” son, without once offending.

I highly recommend this movie as a family film for children 11-12 and up.

There are no sex-scenes, no gore, (some animal deaths are sad, but the directors kept it tasteful) and no foul language.

To call this movie a promotion of the Gospel is not impossible to do. (One can hardly expect Hollywood to consider that their mission.)

What I witnessed was that both Truth and miracles have a way of helping us deal with defeat and sin.

Christ’s message to the Apostles, soon after His Resurrection, is that everything which transpired in the Old Testament, leading up to the New Covenant, happened for a reason.

In Pi’s tale to the novelist, he retells a story of his childhood spiritual struggles, leading up to an adventure that was so good, it resulted in an Oscar for Best Director.

Considering that the movie Lincoln was almost as good, but force-fed viewers a pathetic diet of Mr. Spielberg’s politics, (running down Conservative Republicans, while flying “air-cover” over slave-owning Democrats) I give the Academy two thumbs up for selecting Life of Pi as this year’s winner for Best Director.

Sometimes they get their stories wrong, but this time they got it right.

Watch this movie like you’re watching a Bengal Tiger in a cage; with you as the Lion-tamer.

It may even help you overcome a few childhood indiscretions; much like Christ and His promise that wipes them all away.


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