Ask Not What Your Pope Can Do For You

I’d like to thank New England Newspapers for the commemorative Pope Francis insert that appeared rolled up inside my Friday Berkshire Eagle this morning.

It was a pleasant surprise.

All of us, conservatives and liberals, and those who might think they’re halfway between, want something from the new Pontiff.

I confess, I want more of what Jorge Maria Bergoglio has already tried to champion.

More Truth about the evils of abortion.

More courage to defend the sanctity of marriage.

More lessons on personal charity for the poor.

What’s so ironic, liberals are on the same track, yet they’re traveling in the opposite direction.

Here’s what I mean.

They want more lies about the evils of abortion.

They want no defense of the sanctity of marriage.

They want governments to impose more taxes to help the poor.

It’s incumbent upon all of us, especially conservatives, to be like little Popes Francis to those with whom we interact.

I cannot speak for the enemies of the Church, but I can assure you, I see what they see.

As nice as that pamphlet was that New England Newspapers delivered to my home, they left out the tough talk words of Francis in his battle against Abortion and Gay Marriage in his native Argentina.

Here’s the bottom line.

This man is far too big for the enemy to take down.

The new Pontiff’s splash into the world was like the cannonball at a party that doused every kid within 10 feet of the pool’s edge.

What the Church’s enemies now must do is overstate his stance on poverty, hoping to distract and minimize the Evil One’s stronghold on those who embrace his liberal agenda.

Satan knows he must give up some ground here; but it won’t be without a fight.

Watch and pray that we don’t let him retake that ground he recently lost.

The Pope’s first words to us were; “Pray for me.”

Let’s ask God to show us what we can do for our Pope.


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