The Right to Marry Whomever We Love

I love my sons.

May I please marry one of them?

I love my daughter.

May I please marry her?

I love my sister.

May I please marry her?

I love my brother.

May I please marry him?

I loved my mother.

Why was I not allowed to marry her?

I loved my father.

Why was I not allowed to marry him?

I loved my grandmothers.

Why was I not allowed to marry either of them?

I loved my grandfathers.

One had died before I was born, but why was I not allowed to marry the other?


…I’m waiting?


No answer?

That’s odd.

Some say the definition of marriage over the last 6,000 years needs to change.

Some say history will be on the side of those who want to marry whomever they want.

After my father died, me marrying my mother would have provided her the additional social security benefits she deserved, and from the person in the world she loved most, but our hateful government wouldn’t allow it; how unethical.

Why would anyone insist–especially the Supreme Court–that any Government has the power to deny any American the right to marry whomever he or she loves?

How could a marriage to my son, or daughter, or brother, or sister, or mother, or father, or grandmother, or grandfather, be forbidden?

It’s just plain bigotry, that’s what it is.


All kidding aside folks; there’s plenty of precedent set for the government’s ability to define marriage.

Pope Francis was right…the Father of Lies is behind this.


9 Responses to “The Right to Marry Whomever We Love”

  1. john Says:

    Alien species studying human society 1000 years from now will use this blog post in their classrooms to highlight that America was full of people who were really, really dim.

  2. john Says:

    I would tell God that my response to your blog post was instigated by your inability to distinguish the love one has between a blood-related family member and the love one has between a spouse. Your argument is based on a false premise and makes you look ridiculous.

    • jmassery Says:

      John, Thank you for your kind contribution to this blog post today…I hope that you will read every one of them so that you can continue to provide me with more wise instruction.

  3. john Says:

    When Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek”, I don’t think he meant “be intolerably passive aggressive.” Instead of taking my instructions, you should read up on the intellectual foundations of your faith (Aquinas) for instructions on how to make an intelligent, logic-based argument.

  4. john Says:

    The GOP’s alliance with the Christian Right is a disaster for fiscal conservatism. Right now, the Obama administration is bleeding our country dry, with no action to reduce our crippling debt in sight. Yet Republicans continue to throw themselves on their swords with the gay marriage issue. You only support liberty in rhetoric only: a freedom-based alternative to the Democrats must exist if young people are to embrace conservatism, and your position is antithetical to that.

  5. john Says:

    That’s all I have to say. It is astounding how much older you are than me, and how you choose to respond to my posts like a child. smh

    • jmassery Says:

      John, You are a valued person with a good mind. Forgive me if you feel I am insulting you…I think you may be misreading my sense of humor…for that I am sorry. My “About” page may help you understand my objectives better.

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