Down Syndrome Perspective You’ve Never Heard

Sometimes I read things so good, I say to myself, “no blog today,” other than an introduction to someone else’s ability to share their revelation.

This is one of those times.

An amazing letter to the editor (in its entirety below) appeared today in our beloved Berkshire Eagle.

Good job Gabriel.

Like a warrior Angel, you’ve slayed ten thousand dragons with your sword of Truth.

I was quite glad to read in Saturday’s Eagle the article “North Dakota close to OK for the most restrictive abortion law in U.S.” that North Dakota is taking the abortion problem seriously and taking measures to protect innocent babies from those who would want to harm them. The provision that made me the most glad, however, was the one that prevented abortion because of “fetal abnormalities” such as Down syndrome.

As a practicing Christian, my faith teaches me that God has a special love for those who are disadvantaged such as those who have “abnormalities” including Down syndrome.

Another reason I feel particularly passionate about this issue is that I have a personal stake in it. When I was inside my mother’s womb, the doctor who was caring for my mom believed I had Down syndrome and other pesky abnormalities, and wanted to abort me. My mom, however, realized that the person with abnormal thinking was the doctor who failed to realize that life, all life, is a gift from God, and therefore shouldn’t be terminated.

Finally, I would like to call attention to the Biblical parable of the sheep and the goats in the Gospel of Luke. Christ sent some people who were expecting to go to heaven (goats) to hell on the grounds that they failed to take care of the needy in their midst. He said that by failing to care for them, they failed to care for him.

At the Final Judgment, to those who do not value all human life, Christ will say something like, “Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil, for I had Down syndrome, and you did not try to save me but turned a blind eye when my persecutors condemned me to death.”


Becket, Massachusetts


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