The Two Shades of Gun Dealers

The news was so upsetting my wife wished I hadn’t told her.

In Brunswick, Georgia a 17-year-old boy, and a 14-year-old boy, allegedly shot and killed a 14-month-old baby boy, with a bullet to the face, while trying to mug his mother.

The shot fired does not appear to be accidental, but punishment meted out to the mom for not giving the two thugs money.

She claims to have been broke, yet they were “smart enough” to argue that babies were expensive and she was probably lying.

Though she begged them to spare her son, they doled out their threat of murder in cold blood.

She too was shot twice, but survived.

This story will not have the stamina of the Trayvon Martin killing.

For one thing, it’s the wrong shade of gray for liberals to seize upon, and even more so, because the gun being used was probably not legally purchased.

Liberals love to point out problems that law-abiding citizens may cause with their weapons; but run like hell from stories about thugs and gang-bangers who commit 1,000 times as many crimes with firearms.

There are two kinds of gun dealers out there; just like there are two kinds of drug dealers.

Here’s what the gun dealers look like; just in case you weren’t sure.

Gun Dealer

Gun Dealer

I’m confident you don’t need a visual of the two kinds of drug dealers…we’ve all seen them; one wears a white smock and stands behind a pharmacy counter answering your questions.

The other wears pants that hang below his assets, and stands beside a glossy black sedan with tricked out wheels, as his head darts back and forth looking for guys wearing blue shirts; from whom he needs to run like hell.

We don’t need any more gun laws.

What we do need is to start prosecuting and punishing the real gun abusers without bias and with truth as our guiding light.

Are you listening mainstream media and liberal judges?

There’s no gray area here…it’s black and white.

And one more thing…pray for Bill Cosby; he’s the only one with guts enough to tell this crowd it’s time to face the music; we don’t need any more dead babies in strollers.


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