How Many Bullets Do You Need?

Although this Federal law was updated in 1997, many of us were taught how it works and remember it well.

Individuals who met the necessary requirements could exclude up to $125,000 of capital gains (one time) on the sale of their personal residences. The exclusion was intended to stimulate the real estate market and reward homeowners for their purchase and subsequent sale.  (Investopedia)

Wondering what this has to do with the title of my post today?

Here’s the deal.

I love how liberals have decided to use the argument against larger gun clips and magazines by saying things like;

How many bullets do you need?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I like to capitalize on just about everything, to further God’s kingdom and try to save souls–(from themselves mostly).

Today’s analogy is simple.

It will outrage more than a few.

In fact, controversy is the main reason why Jesus was killed after only three years of ministry.

Before He started teaching and healing, He was barely noticed, except for His birth.

After His first miracle, He was sought after by both those who adored Him and those who despised.

When confronting hypocrites, He enabled His Crucifixion to gather steam.

He even caused great angst within His circle of friends, by saying things about His future that made them crazy.

A litmus test of sorts.

Are you both vehemently hated and desperately loved?

Think about it.

O.K.–enough of that, here’s today’s bottom line.

If liberals want to limit the number of bullets we can own–I say–let’s make a deal.

From here on, just like the one-time capital gains exemption, let’s limit the number of abortions that a woman can have to just one.

I mean really…how many abortions do you need?

Once that exemption is used up, she can have no more, and if she gets pregnant again, and does not want to keep the baby, she must go full term, then give the child up for adoption.

I love solutions where both sides win a little–and–liberals love federal laws that limit things.

Now, before you go off and declare me a complicit child murderer, my idea is a spoof, meant to sound absolutely shocking to both sides…but, if it creates a healthy discussion and prevents even one infant from death, then my idiotic comments were worth writing. Remember, bloggers have a permanent exemption from making any earthly sense…Huh, that sounds like Someone else I know.


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