Haunting Images Save Lives

Just when you thought our government couldn’t get any more hypocritical, out rolls another politically correct attempt to tell people how to think.

They do have one thing right; much of the audience they’re preaching to can’t read.

I guess the warning labels on packs of cigarettes since the 1960’s aren’t getting through.

Their answer?

Graphic photos of the dead and dying dreaded smoker; and certain gummed up body parts.

Now–don’t you feel a lot more confident that teenagers from Chicago, who graduate without reading skills, are going to have a better chance of dying a more natural death–gun shots of course–far better than at the hands of some evil corporate profiteer, and his equally sinister tobacco farmer from North Carolina?

What I find interesting is that this type of photo campaign, with evidence out of Canada of success, may have been stolen from Pro-Life advocates who’ve been promoting graphic images for years.

But–since seeing a dismembered infant could affect the conscience/soul of a liberal, that’s just far too “hateful.”


Imagine if Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sibelius required photos of dismembered unborn children to be displayed in the waiting rooms of every abortion clinic?

That might work a bit too; and they know it, that’s why they stole the idea.

No one does the hypocrisy thing better than our current administration.

And if you think the cigarette pictures are just about teaching adults how to take care of themselves, and would never capitalize on images of babies; guess again.


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