Pending Eagle Headline–Big Atheism Hurting America

Thank God for our local newspaper, the Berkshire Eagle.

I can always count on them to inspire.

Today their editor endorsed Mayor Bloomberg’s beverage ban on large bottles of sugary soda.

Sometimes I don’t know how we Berkshirites would make it through our day without them?

Their rationale was to compare the health risks of those who drink too much, (Pepsi that is) with those who smoked…and since the left practically dismantled “Big Tobacco,” now it’s time they destroy “Big Beverage.”

If lengthening life and minimizing health care costs is so high on the Eagle’s list, why not endorse one more thing?

“Big Faith.”

There’s a new book out by Dr. Jeff Levin Ph.D. called God, Faith and Health.

 Here’s an excerpt.

A study of Mexican Americans shows that frequent church attendees report higher levels of well-being and experience less disability, fewer days in bed, and fewer physical symptoms than less frequent attenders . . . .  Johns Hopkins University researchers learn that monthly religious attendance more than halved the risk of death due to heart disease, emphysema, cirrhosis of the liver, suicide, and some cancers . . . .  A study finds that coronary care unit patients who were prayed for by strangers fared better than patients who did not receive prayer.

So, there you have it.

Our Socialist all caring Newspaper will soon have the following in their editorial headlines.

Big Atheism Pushing Unhealthy Lifestyles

If you believe that’ll happen you have far more faith than I do.


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