Farewell to an Unexpected Hobbit

From my first exposure to The Hobbit, as a 15-year-old, (that–along with The Trilogy–a Christmas present from my late brother Lou) I was hooked on Middle Earth lore and all things Tolkien.

I learned a few years later that J.R.R. was also good friends with C.S. Lewis and between the two of them, they had no fear of making both Biblical and Church references in their tales, to bolster the concept of good vs evil.

If you’re not from New England, or an NFL fan of any kind, you probably won’t understand the analogy I’m about to make.

This blog post is dedicated to the guy our family has been in love with ever since he came to the Patriots…Danny Woodhead.

Here are some of the things that made us call him the Hobbit of New England.

  • His diminutive size…half that of an Orc-like defensive lineman–a hafling really.
  • The ability to disappear and then re-appear…in the end-zone…just by slipping on that ring of determination.
  • The heart to take an entire team on his back and change the momentum of a game…in spite of the obstacles.
  • And most of all…the incredible spirit of enthusiasm and joy for the sport…that inspired an entire Shire…New England.

We’ll miss you Danny…all the best in San Diego…just don’t let those beach Elves distract you from what you do best.

Your efforts were a perfect gift to us who believed and your story is one that really mattered.


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