Papal Honeymoon Won’t Be Long

It’s only a matter of a few days, possibly weeks, before liberals realize Pope Francis I is their worst nightmare.

Here’s the problem.

Liberals want to control the poor through the sacrifices of everyone else…a society where all are entitled to the success of the successful.

Pope Francis has shown, by his dedication to the poor, that he wants them to control themselves through faith and with a little help from his own self-sacrifice.

Liberals have no clue what it means to lead by example.

That would take too long.

They want to lead by legislation.

Thus, the plethora of new laws every time something in the world goes wrong.

I wonder if they’d have banned swords after John the Baptist was beheaded?

Wait…what am I thinking…he passed moral judgement on someone for having illicit sex…he deserved it!

A few of my friends and relatives have expressed concern about the age of the Papa.

My retort…what about Abraham and Sarah?

Were they too old?

Like a young colleague of mine often says–age is just a number.

The other thing that’s just a number is what the left will be doing on the Pontiff once they realize he’s moved in on their plantation, with the idea of self-reliance, rejuvenated by Godly behavior and the gates wide open to freedom.

That won’t fly at the New York Times.


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