Bloomberg Law–Like Running with Scissors

Recently I had to fly.

Wrongly, I thought new rules were in place allowing me to carry a tiny knife through the screening process.

I jumped the gun by three weeks and ended up having my cute little Brookstone pliers “plus,” with a pathetic excuse for a blade–barely long enough to slice a grape–confiscated by TSA.

Rules are rules and the young man who took it away didn’t seem all that upset that I was.

Ultimately, I should have checked the status of the new waiver and not left it to chance.

In so many ways the new soda law that Mayor Bloomberg thought he had passed, now slapped down by State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling, to limit the size of a soft drink in New York City, is not much different from trying to make a law banning one from running with scissors.

We all know both behaviors come with certain risks…however, banning them would do very little but humiliate those affected by it…especially the beverage sellers.

Imagine a warning label on all scissors sold in New York City.

It is illegal in the State of New York to run/jog holding scissors.

As a conservative, it’s important we let liberals know we don’t need them thinking for us.

We’ve made it this far–as adults–or at least some of us, where we understand the consequences of our behavior and that leaving just a little bit of our actions to chance is part of the risk freedom must permit.

Here’s a good one.

Yesterday a man running with scissors died in Florida.

His real mistake was charging at police officers, after dousing himself with gasoline, while holding those scissors over his head, as he was threatening to stab them.

I wonder if a warning label might have helped him?

Mr. Mayor, we know you care.

We’re not really that mad.

But, there are a few of us who will enjoy watching you recreate your rejected law with some nice sharp scissors.

Maybe you can make little cut-out guns as you’re recycling that paper?

Oh my!

What am I thinking?

Those paper guns might hurt someone’s feelings.


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