Time to Amend White House Re-Election Rules

I think it’s a good thing that a President can only serve two terms in the White House.

I also believe it’s time to address another abuse, which I feel tries to circumvent that rule.

How many more times do we have to hear about the two for one deal if Hillary gets elected?

Is it also not plausible that Mrs. Obama would run for President with the ridiculous promise that Barry would be there to plan her every move, except for all things dietary.

There’s a campaign rule that prevents politicians from making phone calls from City Hall, or the State House, or from the Capital Building and most importantly from the White House.

Imagine how this might go.

Hello Mr. Doe, this is Barack, calling from the White House situation room…I’ve got my finger on a drone launch button with your house’s name on it.  How might you feel if I asked you for a campaign contribution?

It’s pretty much the same thing with the recent overload of Mrs. Obama.

Hello Oprah, Rachel Ray, Jay Leno, David Letterman, The View…and hundreds of other programs…I’d like to come on your show for some free airtime promoting my persona, because there’s a chance I might run for President under the ruse that Barry and I will be co-Presidents.

I think you get my point…it’s a bit unfair.

With Hillary out of the Senate, this idea just might fly…that would make two less viable opponents to worry about.

Three if you count Laura Bush…oh wait a minute…some of the first ladies actually aren’t…never mind…this is supposed to be a G-Rated blog.


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