Nobody Likes Sore Loser Pres–Even ABC

When we lose our cool, no matter how “cool” we think we are, our immaturity is usually what comes out–front and center.

The President played a game of poker over the Sequestration.


Enough Americans know the whole concept was his idea.

His ploy, which failed, was to try and scare the American people into thinking that if his own recommendation to cut spending wasn’t renegotiated, the world as we know it would come to an end.

The Republicans didn’t cave in.

And why should they…especially since they’d win politically no matter what catastrophe transpired.

Since the Sequestration has occurred, life in America hasn’t changed much.

The President’s world, ironically, the White House, was just about the only thing he could control, in a childish tantrum, punishing innocent folks actually trying to honor him by visiting his house.

I don’t want to say that the “cool” is finally unraveling, but…it’s clear Obama lost a poker game.

It’s especially notable when liberal media stars are the ones pointing fingers and laughing.


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