The Voice Goes to Haiti

One of the best things about writing a blog every day is I can discuss whatever I want.

Though we’re nervous, Natalie and I are proud of our daughter Marisa and her best friend Emily, for making a month-long trip to into Haiti.

The mission is to assist in the construction of a trade school in the remote village of Duchity.

The Lord never wants us to fear.

He also never wants us to leave the “rest” He has for us in His Holy Word.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that in order for us pilgrims to find rest and courage in God that we have to make our families so “restless”?

Even Jesus, by obeying His Father unto an atoning death on Calvary, upset His disciples.

Please pray for Marisa.

And us too…you know we’re a wreck every time she goes into the boonies.

P.S. Just when Natalie and I were starting to enjoy her weekly contributions at the local Lutheran Church’s Jazz Vespers is when she blew out of town.  If you watch the videos you’ll hear where she gets her voice.


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