How I Stopped the Sun From Shining

If you’re wondering how I’m brazen enough to make such a statement…I’ve two words to support my point…solar panels.

That’s right.

They’ve been on the roof of my house for three weeks now.

The day the contractor told me he was “all done” it was sunny.

Too bad, thanks to red-tape, permission to switch them on had yet to be granted.

All that blue sky was being wasted…three weeks worth.

Finally, the “OK” arrived to flip it on…so did the clouds; coast to coast.

I’ve seen the sun for less than three minutes over the past nine days.

I liken this skill to the way I’m able to stop common stock from rising…by buying it.

Or from losing value…by selling it.

My streaks are flawless.

In our humanity, nature plays no favorites.

In God’s world, nature has no relevance.

Days we think are being wasted, are actually times in the desert, preparing us for temptation.

Earthly loss, in Christ, is actually gain, in Heaven.

You may need the sun to cooperate to accumulate credits against your electric bill.

God only needs His Son in your heart to shine back at Him and you’re heavenly account will be maxed out.


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