Thank You Dr. Farrell; the Uncommon Man

This morning I read the obituary of one of my father’s closest friends…Dr. Joe Farrell.

Joe was a dentist, but since there were so many Lebanese of the same profession in Pittsfield, “kinsfolk” to boot, none of us Masserys were ever Joe’s patient.

That hardly mattered.

The spiritual bond that united my dad and Joe, through their love of the Church, their devotion to Vocations, and most of all their respect for Marriage and Family, is what tied them together like brothers.

It’s rare that a young man would feel this close to a friend of his father’s, but, I have to say, this passing is bitter-sweet.

Sad, because I know Dr. Farrell endured much suffering through poor health over the past years.

Sweet, because I can see my dad now, embracing Joe in glory and asking him why he played so many practical jokes on him.

My favorite memories of Joe are the many hand written notes he’d mailed to me and my children, reminding us of what a great man my father, (their grandfather) was…his best friend.

Friendship like that is not common these days.

Thanks for being such an uncommon friend Joe.

You’ll be greatly missed.


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