Seth MacFarlane; the Wrong Family Guy

I’m not sure this was a surprise to many, but when Oscar host Seth MacFarlane started reading fake headlines about how he’d be the worst host ever, I had to agree.

Sadly, as the night went on, I got more uncomfortable with every attempted joke.

Timing is everything, and a good comedian who doesn’t know his audience is not a good comedian at all, just an obnoxious oaf.

I wonder what would happen if God was as unforgiving as his audience was with every line that fell completely flat?

For those who enjoy his program Family Guy, that’s fine, and also exactly where he needs to stay.

Would you hire Rachel Ray to cover the announcement of the new Pope?

Is Dr. Oz qualified to be a Super Bowl commentator?

Having a successful T.V. program should no longer be a prerequisite for hosting the Oscars, or any other show for that matter.

To be honest, either one, Rachel Ray or Dr. Oz, would have done far better than MacFarlane.

When we take ourselves too seriously, as if all that we have to say is far greater than what anyone else thinks, that’s when our obnoxious side is front and center.

Lord, thank you for reminding me what a jerk one can be when tastelessness is our theme.

Thanks also for having a Celtics game on T.V. I could switch to…the Oscars were too far gone for this family guy.


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