Persian Rug Beaters

The Iranian culture has a few things to still be proud of.

Their rugs.

That’s about where it ends.

For an American named Saeed Abedeni, a Christian Pastor, all he has to look forward to now are beatings in one of the world’s worst prisons.

His crime?

Being in Iran and believing in Christ.

For those of you who think a country cannot be evil, think again.

There’s plenty of outrage here in the U.S. over Abedeni’s recent sentencing of eight years for his so-called crime, but very little concern being shown from Iranian citizens themselves.

If you know any, especially as an American, you owe it to your Christian faith and to your fellow American, to complain that their country is abusing human rights, particularly as it relates to freedom of religion.

I’d love to hear their reaction.

My reaction is to start deporting Iranian students from the Universities here in the U.S.–all of them–until Abedeni is released.

That might shake up some dust.

God help Pastor Abedeni.


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