Back From the Future

For security reasons, I never announce I’ve left town through my blog or Facebook.

For those who like to frequently update their social networking sites, think about referring to places away from home as if it were in the past tense.

God won’t mind…because some day it will be.

You can obviously trust your friends, but not necessarily your friends’ friends, who don’t care about your life, only about what they might lift from your apartment or garage while you’re away.

Speaking of tenses, now that I’m home, I can tell you I was in Abu Dhabi.

Even though it was business related, my quest continued for all things relevant to my spiritual life.

Being in a place that’s nine hours ahead of home has it’s benefits.

Instead of writing my blog, soon after rolling out of bed, it could wait until the close of my work day in the middle east, and still be on time for your morning coffee.

What I was not prone to do was skip morning prayer.

There’s something about being with God first thing in the morning that makes the rest of the day seem safer.

For those not sure how important prayer is in the middle east, check out this photo of the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.

It’s built by the Government.

Good thing for faithful Muslims that there’s no such thing as the ACLU.

The Lord said He’d return when the Gospel had been preached to every nation.

We have a way to go to secure every soul.



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