The Salesman’s Prayer

Several years ago I received a great phone call from a gentleman who would eventually become one of my best customers.

After saying hello, the next thing he said was;

I’ll bet you thought I’d never call.

I replied;

Actually I did, because I believe in my product.

I still often hear people say similar cute remarks, when they’re about to place an order, like;

Do you want to make a sale today?

If I know the person well enough I’ll say;

Every morning I get down on my knees and pray–Please God help me make a sale today–of course I do, you’re the answer to my prayer.

The story of Esther, in today’s Old Testament reading, is about one of the best sales persons who ever lived.

What was her technique?

Charm…what else?

Here’s her prayer from Esther 12:

She lay prostrate upon the ground… from morning until evening, and said: put in my mouth persuasive words in the presence of the lion…turn our mourning into gladness and our sorrows into wholeness.

If we begin each day literally begging God to put the right words in our mouths, so we can provide for our families, as Esther did who saved all of Judea, we cannot fail.

It doesn’t hurt to have a great product either, like Esther, dressed for success, selling world-class Godly charm.


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