Million Dollar Babies

I don’t know the name of the woman who made this bizarre statement.

I’m glad.

God knows I’m guilty of saying things just as vulgar.

Here’s the bottom line.

At a Pro-Life rally in California, a Pro-Choice counter-protester is claimed to have said; “I’m a millionaire because I had an abortion.”

Let’s just say she really did say it.

Then imagine God met this woman at the Gates of Heaven, and handed her all the money she had earned, because of her choice not to nurture that child.

Then imagine again the child was standing there next to God, fully grown, bearing the wounds of his death, not much different from the scars Jesus showed doubting Thomas.

Would not that mother give all that money back to God, just to be with that child for eternity, to nurture his wounds?

Pardon my French, but where the Hell is she going to spend it otherwise?

I told you I’m not much better.


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