The Transatlantic Bus Ride

Recently, while traveling abroad, I enjoyed an overnight flight, with relatively comfortable seats, improved upon only by eager flight attendants.

There’s a slight chance one of the attendants was flirting with my younger traveling companion, but one could never prove it.

As large as the Atlantic Ocean is, if you fall asleep after the movie, there’s a good chance of waking up to see the sun rise above the London fog.

Imagine the tortures our American forefathers endured to do the same, never knowing how long it would take, due to unforeseen headwinds battering their seafaring vessels.

Even so, when following a proven path, there comes a level of knowledge, whereby we can pinpoint arrival times with accuracy.

Often, after thinking we’ve completed our mission, that’s when the biggest challenges begin.

Just like what happened to us, after landing, the trip seemed to grow longer.

First, there was a thirty minute walk, after de-boarding, void of any restrooms along the way…hallways, walkways, you name it.

Then, everyone’s favorite thing to do, undress in public again…that’s right, complete with a full body scan and pat down by a Scotland Yard officer named Raj.

Then, another three mile Transatlantic bus ride right back to where the aircraft left us off.

As we mature, we hope to accomplish things so that God will store up rewards for us in glory…yet our true rest, retirement really, is only when there’s no one left to whom we must preach the Gospel.

Go ye therefore unto the end of the terminal, turn around and walk back, to prove your love, saith the Lord…I’ll be waiting for you with Milk and Honey, in adorable little packets.


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