Mardi Gras ends, Ash Wednesday begins

For those wondering how a former L.A.P.D. officer can turn so bad, I have one name to share that puts it in perspective…Judas Iscariot.Store

Even Jesus had a companion, trained by the best to preach the Gospel and yes even perform miracles, before this corrupt Apostle, greedy for monetary gain, turned His back on Truth.

Like Dorner, trained by Law Enforcement and Military experts, Judas had inside information and knew where to go to turn over the man called Jesus, even planting Him with a kiss, so He could be more easily apprehended by the arresting soldiers.

Shots fired by Dorner, downing two officers he had no gripe against, were just as deadly as the kiss Judas gave to Christ.

In spite of the killing spree the past 10 days, a Mardi Gras for Dorner only, the law closed in on this man, and he, like Judas, was crushed by the weight of his crimes.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

As Christians we’re not supposed to judge others.

Not even filth like Dorner, so heinous, he thought it was justified to kill his former Captain’s 28-year-old daughter and her fiance’, just to settle a score.

Only God has the power to judge a man’s motives.

All I can say, God forgive us all for celebrating the death of this man.

As Lent begins Lord, help us turn from all evil we may hold in our hearts against others.

If left unchecked, like a weed in a garden, it has the power to take over and destroy everything in its path.


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