Cheating Broadway–Jersey Boys in Boston

Last night, two days after the blizzard, I finally got around to bringing my wife to see the musical Jersey Boys in Boston at the Colonial Theater on Boylston Street.

Other than the cramped seating, (I had to cheat and move to an aisle so my long legs could have circulation) this was a goldmine experience.

Speaking of gold, I signed up for free emails from a website called, and was able to buy tickets for the Sunday night 6:30 show at half off the normal pricing.

I recommend their services as much as I do taking in Broadway touring shows in Boston.

Without once exceeding the speed limit by more than a few miles per hour, we left the Prudential parking garage and were in our driveway in Pittsfield 122 minutes later.

That included a refuel stop in Blandford after the ominous yellow light came on.

I’ve done a review of Jersey Boys before, so I won’t bore you with the same over the top praise I heaped on it the last time.

All I kept thinking about, was one of my best friends and I singing those songs, listening to A.M. radio in his mom’s kitchen on Brenton Terrace.

Frankie Valli’s story is one of sacrifice and loyalty to his friends, the Four Seasons.

It’s a must see for anyone old enough to remember where they were the first time they heard Sherry Baby and that invigorating falsetto voice.


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