Outrage Over Emergency Day

In case you haven’t heard, Massachusetts is in the midst of a snow blizzard.

The accumulation out west, in the Berkshires, is nothing we haven’t seen hundreds of times.

Yet, because so much of the wind and snow was happening to our east, in the Boston area, our Governor decided to ban all non-essential driving by 4pm on Friday statewide.

He even mentioned that fines up to $500 could be assessed.

Like a starter’s bullet, that comment officially set the hype in motion.

At 3pm, just a few minutes after the announcement, I snapped a photo of the parking lot and front yard where I work; you could still see grass.

I guess there’s something about the novelty and newness of a regulation that causes folks to take them seriously.

Liability is another problem.

If I own a restaurant, and I say to my workers, “we’re not closing,” and they have an accident driving to or from, then, it begs the question…was it partly my fault since I made them drive during a weather ban?

Two thousand years ago, as the Church was being formed, a letter to the Hebrews was written, which became Holy Scripture.

In this epistle, a rule was established that for centuries was obeyed by Catholics and Christians…but now, seems to have gotten old.

Hebrews 10;25:

Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

The Day, like a blizzard, is one that cannot be turned back.

It’s the Day in which we meet God.

Like being pulled over for speeding, there’s really no one to blame but ourselves…we know full well when we’re over the limit.

Warnings from the Apostles, just like the warning from our Governor to stay off the roads, even when it seems like no big deal, are there for the greater good.

We may not be the worst sinner in the neighborhood, but going to Church to worship God is a commandment that helps protect others who are watching how we live.

If we fail to make it to Heaven’s gate, the liability will be all on us, and that fine of $500?…it will seem cheap compared to what we’ve given up.


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