The Cardinal Confronts Obama

I’ve always said, about my hometown Pittsfield, that it’s large enough not to know everyone, but too small for everyone not to know you.

Once you become a public figure, i.e. city councilor or school committee member, or a business owner of some kind, you can’t get away with anything.

At least once a week, someone will see me on the street and say–“hi Jim”–and I’ll recognize their face, but have no idea of their name.

I know it’s not Alzheimer’s, I remember too much other stuff, especially my shortcomings.

I wonder what it will be like the next time President Obama is at the local convenient store picking up a pack of Marlboro’s and he bumps into Washington Cardinal Wuerl, filling up his Buick Le Sabre…all the Priests drive Buick’s….I know, I sold them.

Here’s an interesting video that helps fulfill the prophecy Jesus made while handing Peter the keys, that the gates of Hell would not prevail against them.


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