Paper Boy or Doctor?

Last night we celebrated a birthday for my nephew at one of my favorite Italian Restaurants here in town.

What I like most about this place, besides the great food, is the fact that the owners, two brothers, will both stop by the table, without fail, to say “hello” and “thanks for coming.”

It’s a family atmosphere with a sophisticated setting.

Very rare these days, and impossible to find duplicated in the big cities.

Just before leaving, I spotted the son of and old customer of my dad’s, from Great Barrington.

His dad is gone now too, but in the old days, when the White Star Confectionery was servicing package stores, our two fathers had become fast friends.

It’s interesting to hear what people remember.

My old friend turned to his son and said, “his dad used to go to the hospital every morning to visit the sick.”

I’ve known this fact forever, yet, after over 1,000 blog posts, I’m just getting around to telling this story…thanks to that timely reminder.

Dad was a salesmen’s salesman.

He always wore a three-piece suit, with polished leather shoes and in cold weather, a fedora hat, with a tiny feather.

In those days the local newspaper printed the names of folks admitted to the hospital.

He’d scour that paper the night before, then, when he saw a name he knew, he’d bring them a morning Berkshire Eagle by 6 a.m., every day until they were released.

Why not, he was out the door by 5:30?

For years, the night nurses would greet him by saying “good morning doctor.”

Who else would be there that early, dressed for success?

Certainly not a paper boy.

When we put others first and scour ways to serve our neighbors, we too will be promoted to heights unknown.

It just takes a little extra effort.

Are you treating your friends and neighbors like they’re your best customers?


One Response to “Paper Boy or Doctor?”

  1. Nadeem George Massery Says:

    Eddie, my long lost but never forgotten cousin, did have greater interaction with his friends than a simple client to client relationship: It was built on love and mutual respect.

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