Obama–not–Zimmerman, Escapes Media Frenzy

As an Arab American, I wasn’t at all offended by the Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial, showing a nomad tugging on a camel.

That’s just me.

I also watch GoRemy YouTube videos like they’re going out of style.

I enjoy laughing at stereotypes of people like me.

For others who were offended, I say, that was just meant to be a spoof, nothing more…lighten up.

There are far bigger things happening.

For those wondering how “White-Hispanic” George Zimmerman could possibly get a fair trial in the Trayvon Martin case, due to the 24/7 media hype, just know this, “White-Black” President Obama is guilty of a similar crime, yet, our media is only asking in whispers “what happened?”

Don’t freak out, the media invented the term “White-Hispanic” ask them what it means…I just figured what’s good for the goose…

Our government, using a drone, killed a 16-year-old Arab American boy from Denver, who was living in Yemen.

His crime?

Being the son of a suspected American terrorist.

Now here’s something the Arab Americans should be screaming about.


Now that the election is over, don’t you think it’s time we demand the media show equal outrage over the death of this teenager, like they did over the death of Trayvon?

What am I thinking, they’re a propaganda group?

Good luck at trial George…you’re going to need it.

The next time you want to kill a teenager, try using a drone from 16oo Pennsylvania Ave.

I guess “haram” is a relative term.

Haram is an Arabic term used for just about anything that happens which turns out bad.  The whole country said “haram” when Trayvon died.


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