Joe “F” One Safety Shy

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl.

It was an amazing game with just about everything a football fan needed to keep him glued to the action.

Even the weird power outage gave me a chance to grab a snack, without having to turn my back on the year’s best commercials.

Two thumbs up to Chrysler for their tandem ads; Oprah with Jeep and the Veterans who sacrifice their lives; then the late Paul Harvey with Dodge and the Farmers doing the same.

Text me if you need an explanation on these commercials.

My wife, who picked Baltimore to win, asked me to explain the game rules to her.

I did for a while and there was a  definite breakthrough regarding “downs,” that I’m proud to take credit for as her instructor.

Thankfully she went to bed before the two point Safety that Baltimore deliberately allowed in the final seconds.

I don’t know that any husband has patience enough to explain that maneuver.

Speaking of Safety, the only thing that went terribly wrong for the Ravens was Joe Flacco’s on air F-bomb, not safely covered by CBS censors.

Hey Joe, you just won the Super Bowl and tens of millions of kids are watching your every move…what are you going to do next?

Curse like a drunken sailor, that’s what.

Like the veterans and the farmers, losing the “F” word in ones vocabulary, in my view, comes with making a sacrifice to a Holy God, Who can turn your anger and bitterness into gratitude and praise.

Maybe Joe needs one more visit with Ray, or at least a Priest, to confess his post game sin.

An apology would be a good place to start.

Not from CBS either, that’s a glitch, like the power outage.

We’re waiting Joe.


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