Loving the Escalator from Adam’s to Zayre’s

I’m not sure exactly what year it was when these two stores networked; definitely the early 60’s.

It was cutting edge.

It had nothing to do with computers, but everything to do with uploading and downloading…

…shoppers that is.

I can’t go to Price Rite on Dalton Ave. in Pittsfield; especially the parking lot off to the right, with the 50-year-old steel barricade “thingys”–to keep trucks out–without remembering that escalator.

The idea that one store began with an A and the other a Z, made it even more intriguing.

I even “got that” at age 5, and Sesame Street hadn’t been created.

It was a clever idea that linked a new department store, Zayre’s below, with a new supermarket, Adam’s, above.

A shopper didn’t have to brave the cold to go from store to store…so original…remember, there were no malls back then.

What they had most in common was their love for shoppers.

In those days you couldn’t buy toys at a supermarket, or chick peas at a department store.

There were legitimate boundaries.

When we make a commitment to love others, as commanded by 1 Corinthians 13, we’re submitting to the greatest of all commandments…loving our neighbor as ourselves.

One of the most important things we can do, to show love, is to respect boundaries.

Criticizing, or demeaning the way someone looks, or acts, is hardly a loving gesture.

Help us Lord to remember the good old days, when we respected others and loved them for one reason…they were human.

When we know what we’re here for, to love and sacrifice, as Christ did, an even better escalator to glory is not far off.

A history of Zayre;




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