New York’s Schizophrenic Governor

One thing I find annoying about politics in America is the idea of running for office on your father’s name.

Too often, people with very little life experience, throw their hat in the ring because their father was well-known.

Gullible Americans fall into the trap that the kid must be naturally good at leading communities.

One sad example is New York’s Governor Cuomo.

I must admit, I thought for a time there was some common sense shared between he and his dad…until recently.

His latest, as if the new gun laws in New York “to protect the children” aren’t extreme enough…now the Governor has jumped on his liberal pendulum and decided to further relax the State’s late-term abortion laws.

What was once illegal, an abortion after the 24th week in New York, will no longer be, if he gets his way.

In fact, Mr. Cuomo would like mom’s and abortionists to be able to kill their children right up until the last second before they’re born.

Now there’s a guy who knows what he’s doing.

Take guns away from the good guys and put dismembering tools in the hands of for profit abortionists, making thousands of dollars every time pieces of human baby are tossed into trash bins.

Mr. Cuomo, maybe your father is still proud of what you believe.

I’m not.

You’ve lost your moral compass and your attempt to climb the ladder of success will be the actions and words that will ultimately be your final judge.

Choose life Mr. Cuomo.

Hell is a long way from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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