Debating Ways to Defend Yourself

I wish the President would put half as much effort into preventing welfare fraud and disability abuse as he has into the new anti-gun movement.

The latest is a Government video that teaches people in an office setting how to deal with an active shooter.

Scissors were recommended…against a gun!

I kid you not.

I’m more of a stapler/three hole punch guy myself.

Don’t they know running with scissors is taboo…even more so at a guy with an A.K.?

Try not to laugh when you watch this Homeland Security Video.

Common sense, like learning how to shoot back with your own legal weapon, never comes up.

Similar to the reason no one in the Federal Government is doing anything to stop welfare fraud.

It might cost liberals a few votes.

Notice the thumbs down under this video (at the YouTube site) compared to the thumbs up…it’s not even close.

What a bunch of hateful Americans we all must be.


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