America’s 40 Years in the Desert

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the landmark decision Roe. v Wade, where the U.S. Supreme court callously declared they have no way of determining when life begins.

Consider this; 1973 predated the ultra sound.


In light of technology used specifically to help young human life come to full term, maybe it’s time we take a second look.

I’m not here to say the outcome would be dramatically different; but at the very least, the argument needs to be fleshed out.

Remember Galileo?…he was imprisoned for promoting the idea the world was round.

Technology redeemed him.

Lord, forgive this once great land for our lukewarmness.

Christians more interested in what the world has to offer is as much to blame for our leaderless trip into the desert as the Evil One himself who speaks only lies.

Conception vs. Contraception.

Round Earth vs. Flat.

Good vs. Evil.

Jesus vs. Satan.

Eventually, the Truth always wins.


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