Baking Cookies?…No…Cheerleader Extraordinaire…Yes!

Through the years I’ve always had a weakness for cheerleaders.

I remember the first group I got to know, at Crosby Junior High School.

A blonde girl named Judy, with a raspy voice, caught me staring more than once.

Then, later on, J.V. gals from Taconic High, who, as seniors became the varsity squad, were just as talented.

What I always admired, other than the obvious, was how upbeat they remained, cheering on the team, even if their boys were down big, late in the game.

I could not help but laugh, as I watched Mrs. Clinton take hit after hit for the President over the Benghazi, Libya attack.

For those Congressmen trying to pin the blame entirely on her, you’re doing exactly what Obama hoped you’d do.

In my book, when the captain of the Basketball or Football team hides behind a cheerleader, at a brawl outside the gym after a close game, it’s time for a new captain.

Mrs. Clinton, you really let all progressive women down by your co-dependent behavior in defense of Mr. Obama.

We know he stopped the rescue of four Americans with the hope of getting re-elected on his “stellar” foreign policy skills.

You may as well take your pom-poms, go home, and bake Bill some chocolate chip cookies.

That’s what you seem to do best, cheer for the team, even when they’re dumping all over you.


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