The Best President Ever

Never before has their been a President better at dividing this once great country.

In my view, this is what he wanted, keeping everyone off guard, hiding his more serious flaw of incompetence.

If you think he’s competent, explain his plan for balancing the budget?

When a man has no clue, his words get loftier.

When a man has confidence, his words grow more plain.

Have we ever had a President more lofty in speech?

When a family has a dysfunctional father, who can’t go a single day without making a loved one cry, that family is in crisis.

This is a prejudice I hold, forgive me for sharing it; in my view, dysfunctional people are low-class.

Don’t agree?

Ask a cop.

Is there a person who can hold a candle to this President’s ballistic attack on the Second Amendment, while responsible, lie abiding citizens cry out for justice?

One day, when all the strings have been cut, the world will see that our current President never had power at all.

As a believer I sense an evil force running this earth, a puppeteer extraordinaire.

Those who love our Constitution, believing it a divinely inspired gift from God, will never accept a mere mortal as God’s gift to mankind; especially one who thinks he knows best because he is that greatest gift.

The best proof for the source of our Constitution is who its enemies are.

Mr. President, no one can deny; in so many areas, you are the best because you’ve been told so, again and again…add me to that list.


One Response to “The Best President Ever”

  1. Daniel Nordeen Says:

    Yeh the Newsweek or Time cover of the Second Coming is Blasphemous. Isn’t that what got Jesus put on the cross? Maybe we should volunteer another for the same treatment. The Progressives think they have won but it is not over until the real second coming and judgement day! You will know him not by his words but by his deeds!

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