Sandra vs. Mary

In no way do I believe I’m a better person than Sandra Fluke, the liberal spokesperson who personified the typical “choice” voter in the last election.

But, I cannot help but think about how many Americans, especially young women, look to her as their role model now instead of the Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord.

Call me old-fashioned, but, it’s still a joy for me when I see a young person wearing a Mary medal around her neck.

It speaks volumes about what it is she deems worthy.

It wasn’t that long ago either, when all Catholic women wore such things.

Virtue, obedience, Holiness, wisdom, humility…even the name “Mary,” so prominent just a few decades ago, seem to be things now anathema to that which women embrace.

As we sorrowfully commemorate 40 years of death in America, let us never forget that each child killed was ripped from a woman not much different from Mary.

Young, scared, vulnerable, lacking the societal support she needed to make the right decision.

Mary was even unwed.

She too risked being cast aside by her fiance’.

Yet, what separated her from the others was her faith in a living God.

We may not be anything like the Angel Gabriel, bright, and powerful, delivering hope to a girl in need.

But, the Truth we speak, to friends and neighbors, in letters we write for publication, in support of fatherhood if we’re men, and motherhood if we’re women, can be as inspiring as any celestial visitation.

We must believe we can move mountains…as You oh Lord have commanded.

We can change things, like You and Mary did, with the Father’s help.

God bless the women of America…no matter who they are and what they’ve done.

By your blood, all can start anew.


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