The Harbaugh Family Conundrum

I’ve always wondered if God listens to us when we pray for relatively selfish things, like victories in sporting events for our favorite teams?

Consider this…never before has there been a Super Bowl in which two brothers were the opposing head coaches.

Jim and John Harbaugh’s parents are about to be asked, at least 10,000 times between now and Super Bowl Sunday, the absurd question, “who are you rooting for?”

I dare say, their likely answer–“we aren’t taking sides”–is probably how God feels about every silly game for which someone offers prayers.

It seems that each NFL Team has believers whose faith is on display during post-game interviews.

Here’s the bottom line.

No matter how hard we pray for ourselves to prosper, God promotes us according to His will, and only when the timing is right.

Seldom are Saints and Doctors of the Church remembered for their personal gain.

When we sincerely pray for ourselves, like Solomon did, we’re better off asking God to give us victory in the area of wisdom, so that we can help others.

You know how that turned out.

As for the Harbaugh parents…like God, it’s not about winning or losing for their sons, it’s about love through the hard times.

When it’s all over, they won’t need two separate consolation speeches…one size will fit all.

As brothers and sisters in Christ…so does God the father see us all…as equals.

Here’s what it will sound like:

When one of us wins, we all win, when one of us loses, we all lose–and most importantly–it doesn’t mean you’re loved any less.


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