The Least Interesting Man in the World

Most of you by now have seen the Dos Equis beer commercial, featuring the man who is purported to be “the most interesting man in the world.”

I like the ad campaign and salute their marketing team for originality.

Here’s what we too often forget, (until we encounter someone with a similar attitude) they’re spoofing wealthy men whose favorite subject (themselves) who actually exist.

I recently had the privilege of being introduced to a man who spoke just as highly of himself, for a full 30 minutes.

As others in my group looked on, wondering what it was I could possibly have been hearing, and/or saying back, I asked God to help me find common ground, where Truth could become part of the conversation.

Since the discussion was private, I prefer not to share details.

Here’s the bottom line.

Whoever we meet, from the most brazen millionaire, to the least endowed saint, all share one common thread…i.e…the need for a loving God.

My new friend and I, and I’m proud to call him that, were both in tears, as the topic of God’s intervention worked its way into our few minutes together.


Often, God brings others into our lives, so humble, we instinctively know we must learn from their connection to Grace.

Just as crucial, no matter how empty we feel, we’re the ones called to channel God’s tender Mercy.

Sometimes it’s far easier to just walk away.

That’s called being luke-warm.

When He calls us to intervene, and we don’t run and hide, good things are bound to happen.

Remember, it was Christ Who called Levi (a.k.a. Matthew) the tax collector to follow Him.

The Lord’s friends were stunned.

Sound familiar?

Stay the course…always.

We just may be the Holy advertisement a sinner needs to find his way home.


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