Christie Shoots Down Himself

For conservatives who once thought Chris Christie might be a viable candidate for Vice President in 2012, or President in 2016, think again.

For one who made a name for himself, calling it like he sees it, it’s hard to believe he’s denying the NRA the right to call it like they see it.

In case you haven’t heard by now, the President’s children attend a private school that has 11 armed guards.

These gun-wielding school employees are not there because Malia and Sasha decided to attend…no…they were already there…which begs the question, “is this how the President and Mrs. Obama judge the safety of a school…by the number of armed guards?”

The NRA ad was not “reprehensible” to me Mr. Christie.

You certainly have a right to your opinion.

But I have just one question for you.

Did you find the photo-op of the President signing 23 new anti-gun laws into place, surrounded by children, “reprehensible?”

Or, since those kids aren’t the sons and daughters of Presidents and Governors, do they matter a bit less?


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