Leveraging the Background Checks

Now that the President has made it clear he’s going to severely restrict gun ownership, it’s time for realistic conservatives to start looking for opportunities to fight back to save America.

First off, why not take every proposal he makes, with regard to background checks on gun owners, and demand he implement the same stringent policies on those wishing to collect welfare?

Drug tests for the guy with 11 babies and his 10 mammas sounds like a good place to start.

The federal government does not lack revenue; what it lacks is the will to nip rampant abuses of entitlement programs in the bud.

Does anyone not wonder why it is that the social security disability roles have nearly quadrupled under Obama?

Is that nothing but a Democrat power grab for votes?

Here’s the bottom line folks, we must call our Congressman to let them know we will not tolerate any more incursions on our liberties.

Obama is the unstable one with a weapon he calls “executive orders.”

His stealing from the middle class to buy votes from the loafer class will destroy us faster than a shootout with Chuck Connors The Rifleman.

I think I need an Alka Seltzer.


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