Mannings Out–Harbaughs In

Now that the NFL divisional playoff games are wrapped up, one of the most famous football families has been eliminated.

Peyton Manning, quarterback of Denver, (so much better than Tim Tebow they found it necessary to trade him to the Jets) was shockingly ousted by the very tough Baltimore Ravens.

With brother Eli already falling short, that leaves one last family–the Harbaugh brothers–as the only NFL siblings still in post season play.

The potential for them competing in the Super Bowl is pretty good.

In the case of the Mannings, the Harbaughs and even Rex and Rob–the Ryans–they can all trace their football heritage back through their fathers.

Archie Manning, Jack Harbaugh, and Buddy Ryan, are the reason why these boys are in the game.

Though the sons have had varying degrees of success, with the Mannings winning the most Super Bowls, that’s not the point today.

What’s more relevant is that God is our Father, Who called us into the field of faith.

He wants us to follow in His footsteps, preaching salvation to those who don’t know it exists through his Son Jesus Christ.

Sure, a few of us might end up on T.V., with mega-churches, N.Y. Times best-selling books, or even interviews with Oprah, while the remainder simply till the soil, praying with earnest for a sinful and fallen world.

Whichever one you are matters less than Who you come from.

He is God our father and we are His sons…equally loved.

That’s a gridiron fact better than a trophy case full of Super Bowl victories.


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