Lincoln Movie Review (Clarification Needed)

First of all, kudos to the North Adams cinema for being the only theater in Berkshire County that hasn’t stopped showing Lincoln.

I greatly appreciated the matinée price of $7 and will go there again.

As for the film, my wife said;

“Every American should see this.”

O.K. Natalie, I’m alright with that…except for one thing…after the movie I asked you how you thought it made Republicans look.

Your answer?

“Pretty ignorant.”


They confused her…more on that later.

From a strictly cinematic perspective, visually and dramatically, I’m giving Lincoln two thumbs up.

An Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis is a must; primarily for making me forget that the real Lincoln didn’t play himself.

There’s no recorded voice of honest Abe, nor are there any motion pictures, yet somehow, through carefully collected anecdotal descriptions about Mr. Lincoln, his portrayal seemed perfect…that’s just good acting.

For vocal Conservatives like me, who don’t like the idea that Liberal Democrats love to re-write history, especially with regard to which political party lead the way to free the slaves, (that would be the Republicans) one could barely tell by watching Lincoln who the bad guys were.

In fact, writers went out of their way to make the “Conservative Republicans” look as though they were the problem.


And what was worse, they almost never used the word “Democrat,” even when counting votes for or against the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

In that scene, a large group of Union soldiers were tethered to a telegraph line, recording the results being tapped out in Morse Code, one vote at time.

Here’s where Spielberg and his phony cronies get the two biggest thumbs down.

Whenever there was a “yes,” they would say that Republican so-and-so voted yes.

But whenever there was a “no,” they said just the name…(making it unclear to people like my wife) which party the “no” vote came from.

The fact is dear readers (are you listening Nat?), not one Republican voted no to the 13th Amendment, while 56 Democrats did vote no!

Hmmm….somehow that narrative just doesn’t fit the lies Democrats like to tell today about how much minorities owe them.

From my view, Spielberg is an accomplice to that lie.

And, as for the “Conservative Republicans,” who were mentioned dozens of times, alluding that they were problematic (this is what confused my wife), they were simply more focused on using the Amendment as a means to peace than were the Abolitionist Republicans.

And, FYI, there was no such thing as an Abolitionist Democrat.

In fact, the majority of Democrats hailed from the South and owned slaves.

In the end, when a delegation of Democrat Confederates came from the South to meet with Lincoln, they were willing to surrender under one circumstance, and that was by killing the 13th Amendment, so they could keep their slaves.

Wow…again, never once in the movie were those Confederates properly described as the Democrats that they were…never once.


Now that you’ve been properly prepared, please go see Lincoln.

And, please forward this to others you know who want to see it.

They’re probably going to miss a few things too…Spielberg is a master.


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